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Progress Report

Posted on July 30, 2015 at 11:45 PM

I have been working hard as ever in the past few days! Anti-Idle v1714 is nearly complete, and I've entered plenty of extra words to the word database of Kanji no Tou (the current word count is 3,168). At this rate, I think the first release of Kanji no Tou may actually be a complete version!

I've also been trying to sleep and wake up earlier. Lately I've been going to bed at 10:00 PM and getting up at 5:30 AM. That actually makes me feel healthier and now I no longer have difficulties sleeping! In addition, I have a lot of free time to work in the morning! And that's GREAT!

Sorry for writing such a short blog post - I just figure that I should probably focus on making games instead!


Posted on July 17, 2015 at 3:50 AM

I've FINALLY managed to retrieve the files on my old machine!!! My old computer ended up more broken than I originally thought. The "logic board" is completely broken, and so is my battery (it was not broken before I brought it to the repair store!). But the repair guy temporarily replaced the "logic board" with a different one, so the computer could be turned on again, and I managed to retrieve all the important files! It was FREE, too (although I paid some $10 because I would feel quite bad otherwise)! However, using the old computer again feels quite dissatisfying, especially considering its history of being broken, the lack of battery and that my Intel Core i7 was down to a mere i5 (they couldn't find a replacement i7).

So I suppose I'll probably just sell the old computer, now that I have all the important files back? It's a MacBook Air, 2012 model. The monitor has some stretches on it, the "logic board" and battery are completely broken. I'm being offered $101 for it. Is that a good deal? Should I instead keep this machine which I don't think I'll ever make use of anymore, or attempt to sell it elsewhere?

Anyway, FILES! Seriously, I'm so happy. Not only did I get the Anti-Idle v1714 source code back, I also got a BUNCH of other things. To name a few:

1. My OTHER projects that I was working on at the time: a keyboard-controlled clicker game, Idlemon, a rhythm game, and several other junk projects. I won't be working on them in the near future due to the fact that I'm focusing on Kanji no Tou, but I'll eventually return to them at some point... well, hopefully!

2. My "library" of functions to work with huge numbers! Lately, incrementals with ridiculous numbers (numbers with 200+ digits, anyone?) have been the trend, so I figured I should make some functions to work with such huge numbers! I really hate the "double" data type because it can only handle 308 or so digits, plus it has very poor precision and often has the problem of "0.999999". So I figured that I should make my own data type that uses a 15 digit "integer" to handle GIGANTIC numbers and with precision that I'm comfortable with (it's not as precise as a "double" but it never has the ".9999" problem so it's much easier for me to manage). Also, the limit is MUCH higher than the 10^308 of "double" data type! With the "double" data type, larger numbers automatically become "Infinity" and may cause the game to crash, but that's not the case here!

Look at some things it can do. On an average computer, it can perform about 100,000 such calculations per second without causing any significant lag!

3. My Japanese learning files. These are kind of personal, but also quite valuable to me, and will help with the development of Kanji no Tou quite a bit!

4. My sound effect files used to compose music. I actually compose some music (although it is not particularly good), but I'm improving and I hope to have some music I created myself in my game Kanji no Tou! (Don't worry, there will be a mute button)

5. Fonts! I finally managed to install the fonts that were missing from my computer, so I can continue working on my old projects!

6. 10 gigabytes of photos and videos, which are filled with some pretty happy memories!

All in all, things have been quite AMAZING! I've also "received" my donation money today, as in, it's now in my bank account, and I can withdraw it at any automated teller machine for real life money which I can spend on ice cream (which converts to happiness and motivation)! Also, I've read a little bit more about PayPal's fees, and apparently the $0.97 donation tier would give me barely any money at all after all those fees and taxes, so I've raised the lowest three donation tiers to $1.97, $3.97 and $6.97 respectively. After all, most people so far seem to be donating larger amounts than that! I originally expected most people to donate $1 only, but all donors so far have been donating at least $5.97. Whoa, so apparently I'm living in a place filled with poverty where an amount of money that I think is gigantic really isn't too much at all -__-

Anyway, now that I have my Anti-Idle files back, I'll celebrate by finishing the next version as soon as possible! As always, thank you all for your support - YOU ARE AWESOME!!!1!


Posted on July 16, 2015 at 9:10 AM

Recently I've run into a few problems that hinder my game making.

It seems that my health problems are starting to get worse and worse. I find it harder to sleep than before (perhaps it's just that I work too hard?), constantly have stomachaches (whoa, that's a strange-looking word!), lose a lot of weight, and I don't really know but I feel a lot weaker than usual. So in the past three or so days I've been working a little less on my games, but don't worry - I still enter data for about 100 new words to my game Kanji no Tou each day!

The computer repair guy happened to delay the repair of my old computer AGAIN. He said he couldn't find a suitable "logic board" for my computer and ordered an incorrect one, and he told me he could fix it tomorrow but for an increased cost (close to $350). Instead I asked him whether it would be possible to simply get my files back rather than fixing the thing. To my surprise, he said it would likely be possible (which totally contradicts what I usually hear about MacBook), and told me to go there tomorrow with some USB stick. I REALLY hope things will work out this time! Honestly, somehow I feel that fixing the computer might not be worth it, especially now that I have a new one, and my old computer looks kind of damaged and might break down again at any time...

I also totally don't have $350 - the bank hasn't received the money that I withdrew from PayPal donations yet, and there are also a variety of financial problems that came up recently so I'll have to further restrict myself in the amount of money I spend. I accidentally dropped my mouse today and now the middle click broke, but I'm considering not to replace it... (somehow I keep breaking the middle click!)

Don't worry though - your donations are safe, and I'm still accepting them! I've also added in new donation perks so now it actually feels like some kind of "crowdfunding" that you usually see! I will be making new epic stuff when I get enough donations, and you will get exclusive items too! (Somehow I have the feeling that I'm merely asking for donations in the last few blog posts -__-)

Also, I've heard news about Flash "dying" and stuff, as well as the recent security risks. I hope these will not have any major impact on my serious business (so you all can have fun with my games as well)!

More Kanji no Tou Progress

Posted on July 13, 2015 at 9:45 AM

For the past few days I've been working very hard on my Japanese learning game, Kanji no Tou! In fact, I worked so hard yesterday that I overslept and failed to attend the first day of class. Bawww. Good thing I really dislike that subject anyway (it's something like "Software Testing" - seriously, why on Earth should I learn that?).

I've entered the data for over 1,900 words, with over 300 Kanji available for learning! I've also found out that I actually still have the Kanji database which I thought was gone in that incident, and I can really use that! That Kanji database was from that time when I made the school project, and one of my group members helped me extract the data from a table on Wikipedia (thanks!). However, after actually using it for a while, I realized the table actually has quite a lot of mistakes (especially the radicals), so I decided to make my own Kanji database instead, just like the word database! I'll use that Wikipedia table as the "base", but I'll be changing things quite drastically. Not that there are "copyright problems" with the Wikipedia table (it's from the official list of Joyo Kanji provided by the Japanese Ministry of Education anyway), but this way I can fix the errors more easily and even add in my own stuff about each Kanji!

Let's take a look at some Kanji entries in my editor:

The in-game interface for Kanji info will be somewhat similar to this, too! In addition to the basic information (meaning, readings, radical, stroke count, grade), I've added in a bunch of additional info!

- Kanji Description: Below the meaning of the Kanji, there is some additional information about the Kanji such as how it is usually used, my personal remarks about the Kanji, and more!

- Frequency: I carefully scan for the Kanji in dictionaries and web pages to see how often the Kanji is actually used! Some Kanji are used very frequently, while some are almost never used - and knowing how often the Kanji is used really helps in determining whether you should bother learning it, and how early! Frequency ranges from 0 to 10, with 0 being "pretty much never used", and 10 being "used all the time"!

- Difficulty: A value ranging from 0 to 10 indicating how difficult it is to learn the Kanji! This does not just depend on the stroke count, but also the variety of readings, the complexity of the character, how hard it is to write and memorize the Kanji, and how hard it is to tell the Kanji apart from lookalikes!

- Examples: Taken straight from my word database, some words containing the Kanji are displayed, along with their readings and meanings. The reading of the particular Kanji is shown in a lighter color. Owing to space limitations, a maximum of 7 words are displayed per character, but in the game there will be a button to show every word containing the Kanji that exists in the database!

- Tukkan Level: A hybrid word of "Tukkun" and "Kanji", this is some abstract and hilarious made-up unit of how worthy it is to learn the Kanji early on! This is determined by how often this Kanji is used, how difficult it is, when Japanese school children learn the Kanji, and a few other factors! Kanji which are frequently used and are easy to learn have a higher Tukkan Level.

- Subkanji: I apologize for the lack of better terms, but this is for other, smaller Kanji that appears inside a Kanji! For example, the Kanji 雰 has 2 subkanji 雨 and 分. Subkanji may or may not be directly related to the Kanji, but knowing those Kanji will really help with writing (and sometimes understanding) the Kanji! When a Kanji with many strokes is broken into smaller ones, it becomes a lot easier to learn and memorize!

With this new editor available, it has become much easier to add new Kanji and words, so I've also decided to revise the list of Kanji for the demo version! It will feature even more Kanji and will even include a few non-Joyo Kanji! Take a look at one:

I've also confirmed that the donation feature works and I'm correctly receiving all of your donations! Apparently it was not as difficult and complicated as I expected. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who donated!!!1! If you like my games or are eager for the release of Kanji no Tou, please consider making a donation!

I'll get back to working to finish this as soon as possible. So, until next time!

Beta Kanji List

Posted on July 6, 2015 at 5:25 AM

EDIT: I've added 42 new Kanji, raising the total to a super amazing 456 (!!!) Thank you all for your comments and support!


I've been entering data for my Japanese learning game Kanji no Tou in the past few days! So far I have entered the data for 1,400 words. As you can expect, this process takes very long because I don't extract it directly from any database or dictionary, but I create my very own one! So I have to check for correctness, check whether that word is actually used by Japanese people, rewrite the meanings of words for easier understandability, double-check whether what I entered is correct or not, and so forth! Though, the word list for the beta may be done in the next week, so I can finally start working on the prototype!

It's great, I suppose. I'm feeling pretty confident in this project. The coding seems easy, and even if I somehow fail to code, I can still use the word database for a different project!

Also, thanks everyone for the generous donations and encouragement! You guys REALLY motivate me to keep on making games!!!1! Although I'm not 100% positive that I can withdraw that money yet (for some reason I keep being afraid), I still have a really great feeling that people actually care about my projects! As a special thank you, the first beta version of my upcoming game Kanji no Tou will be featuring approximately 150 more Kanji than the original plan, bringing the (current) total to 456 Kanji! These Kanji are carefully selected based on use frequency and simplicity, so after learning only these Kanji (which is like 20% of the Joyo Kanji list), you should be able to read plenty of stuff! Though, I also added in some of the less frequently used but simple Kanji which usually appear as part of frequently used Kanji (e.g. 寸, 占, 斤, etc.), to allow players to recognize Kanji more quickly!

These 456 Kanji include every Kanji learned by grade 1 students in Japan, plus a selection of Kanji recommended for the JLPT N4 test and some of the most frequently used Kanji in daily life.

Below is the planned list of Kanji for the demo version, presented in no specific order. If you are a Japanese learner/speaker, I'd greatly appreciate some criticism! Do you think that I missed some super common or important character that learners should learn as soon as possible?

日 本 月 火 水 木 金 土 士 不 的 番 号 円

一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十 百 千 万 何

人 女 男 子 字 学 校 園 公 私 机 心 窓 必

家 方 矢 族 父 母 兄 市 姉 弓 弟 末 未 妹

大 小 多 少 歩 糸 氏 支 皮 彼 場 所 形 以

上 下 右 左 中 内 外 前 後 斤 近 遠 米 隣

田 山 川 力 天 気 名 文 車 工 穴 空 正 全

牛 午 年 周 週 寸 寺 時 刀 分 秒 先 去 半

今 朝 晩 夜 夕 毎 海 湖 暇 亡 忙 練 実 習

春 夏 秋 冬 東 西 南 北 直 置 垂 乗 降 洗

行 来 帰 入 出 生 王 玉 国 化 花 桜 谷 浴

立 音 訓 孝 教 貸 昔 借 反 返 払 遊 送 覚

休 体 目 耳 口 手 足 免 頭 顔 豆 忘 可 歌

止 歯 又 友 髪 毛 背 指 旨 鼻 唇 皿 血 自

色 白 里 黒 赤 青 緑 楽 薬 甘 辛 幸 肖 消

門 問 間 聞 開 閉 知 親 切 軍 運 転 面 曜

言 語 話 売 読 記 己 走 起 寝 民 眠 見 書

雨 雪 雲 曇 電 風 始 初 終 思 味 元 考 漢

侍 作 持 待 計 則 測 旦 量 用 史 使 便 更

業 僕 君 羊 様 比 皆 会 合 社 事 貝 買 員

馬 鳥 鶏 豚 肉 卵 虫 林 森 村 町 占 店 点

長 短 新 古 亜 悪 者 暑 丸 熱 寒 令 冷 早

束 速 遅 高 安 低 難 易 憂 優 厚 太 専 薄

細 善 明 暗 広 妻 夫 狭 暖 温 京 涼 重 軽

若 簡 単 画 央 映 英 部 至 室 屋 完 院 病

物 動 働 犬 猫 石 草 竹 他 地 図 同 発 代

並 普 通 科 料 理 果 世 界 良 食 欠 飲 次

勉 強 羽 弱 宿 是 題 式 試 験 主 注 住 意

固 個 枚 台 回 数 階 歳 度 第 匹 冊 課 笑

由 黄 茶 報 予 野 菜 集 服 衣 制 製 品 死

有 答 研 究 修 銀 銅 建 痛 与 写 真 達 官

館 質 洋 旅 駅 魚 尚 堂 当 首 交 取 撮 和

進 続 恋 愛 好 兼 嫌 現


In addition, for some time after the beta is publicly available, I will be updating it frequently, adding in extra Kanji and requested features! And your data in the beta version can also be migrated to the full version!

Progress Report

Posted on July 2, 2015 at 5:20 AM

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do much in the past few days. But I'm still eager to work on my projects as EVER!!!

I have recently visited that place where they are attempting to repair my old, broken computer. They still haven't managed to order the parts yet, but they gave me two new options: they could either buy that computer from me, or fix it in a week with data intact if they replace the "main" instead (which I think is the logic board?), albeit more costly. The computer has so many valuable files in it so NO WAY I'm selling the thing!!!1! And because I was getting impatient, I accepted their offer, and they told me it would cost some $250... which sounds quite reasonable, I suppose. The computer is quite old but it has the Anti-Idle files in it, which I'm definitely willing to pay $250 for! I really hope things work out - in a week or two I'll be able to tell you guys more on this matter!

On a somewhat less related note, I recently lost my wallet. I think I might have dropped it due to carelessness? Luckily, there were only $15 or so worth of money in it, but I also lost several cards. My "student card" and supermarket discount cards are all gone, though I suppose they can be remade quite easily and cost only $10 or so. I also found out that I left two of my most important cards at home that day, which is quite awesome! I was mostly worried that I would have to go through the tedious process of making my identity card again, haha.

(Don't forget that I'm a Martian, so it took me like 2 years and a half to make my identity card the first time!)

I've repaired the damage caused by the lost wallet for the most part, and I'll try hard not to let any of these events interfere with my work productivity. And it's all thanks to your encouragement and generous donations - you all are AWESOME!!!!1!

It's About Time?

Posted on June 29, 2015 at 11:15 AM

Today, I've finally decided to look into Anti-Idle. The first time after getting a new computer!

It's no secret that I've been kind of sick with Anti-Idle, especially with the breakdown of my old computer causing me to lose the changelog for the next version and some other files. I have also lost most of the changes I made since the official release of v1713, such as the FCG rebalancing and several other changes and bug fixes! But worst of all, I've lost all the FONTS - and you know, I can't just update the game without having all the fonts that I used. And looking at the list of "missing fonts", I've realized that I use way too many different fonts in Anti-Idle! Which is probably a gigantic mistake.

But today, I've decided to download as many of those missing fonts as possible, and replaced a few fonts with others, resulting in a lower number of fonts used! Which is probably great, I guess. And this means I can finally continue working on Anti-Idle again!

I've lost the v1714 changelog. And the new Ascensions system. All the FCG rebalancing, and plenty of other changes. There are also plenty of things I must fix to get the source code to work on the new computer. Should I immediately resume working on Anti-Idle despite all these difficulties, or should I wait for my old computer to be fixed? Thoughts? Tell me what you think by sending me a private message on Kongregate!

New Projects

Posted on June 24, 2015 at 3:30 AM

As I have said in the previous blog entry, I don't have access to some Anti-Idle files at the moment so I'm focusing on some new projects instead! These projects excite me so much!

One of those projects is what I believe will be revolutionary: a game "tentatively" called Heroes of Tria! Of course, Tria is a reference to the word "Triangles" (that kind of creature that's dreaded in Anti-Idle and keeps destroying houses and stuff), but it is also the name of the "town" (or "city", whatever) where this game takes place, and an acronym of the game's four main heroes!

Without further ado, let's take a look at the very first screenshot ever of Heroes of Tria!

Fig. 1 - A screenshot of Heroes of Tria. Why the hell am I even putting these formal image descriptions below images?

That's AMAZING, right? After all I am the master of graphic design, so OF COURSE it looks wonderful!

What does that remind you of? Well, anything you can imagine! Heroes of Tria will primarily be an idle tower defense game but that's not all!!!1! In the recent years, idle games have become a new trend, with hundreds of developers making new idle games daily with different themes, re-themes and whatsoever! So I figure that if I keep on making idle games, they will be super popular! After all, my first successful game was an idle game, so I'm more likely to succeed again! To keep my games always interesting and fun, however, I will try my best to keep my games away from being one of the same "incremental" games out there. Okay, so I don't hate incrementals and stuff, but most of them are kind of repetitive with very little gameplay. And they are also mouse-breaking (why the hell don't they implement keyboard controls?). My games will have some features that are inspired by the "incremental" genre, but it will more closely resemble Anti-Idle, in the sense that you actually do stuff rather than just clicking a button, and there are plenty of things to do when you are playing and when you are not!

Okay, so I did say that I don't like tower defense. That's correct, but that's mostly because I suck at them and they take too much time to play. It's like, build towers, wait for a few minutes, build more towers, win (I think I'm missing something really important). And to me, that seems to resemble the gameplay of an "idle game" way too much - except for the fact that it is not an idle game! So in Heroes of Tria, I try to make a tower defense that is ALSO an idle game. As in: you can't die, you gain money and buy upgrades over time to proceed to next waves. The game will largely focus on "idle" / endurance elements, so one map may take hours, maybe even DAYS, to clear! Some of your stats will carry over from one map to another, so they will never go to waste! But as you can imagine, if all there is to do when you are actively playing is building and upgrading towers, it's clearly way too boring. That's why I will also add a HERO that you can control, with combat styles that closely resemble Anti-Idle's Battle Arena and Crovy's HunterStory game!

Fig. 2 - "Concept art" of Heroes of Tria!

Let's take a look at the image above! As you can see, your hero will stand in the middle and can attack in three directions! Don't be fooled by the fact that he has legs - he cannot move. I will remove his legs in the live version so as not to confuse players.

There will be four different heroes, with different attacking patterns! For example, a hero that attacks by aiming at the opponent, a hero that attacks by holding a key to "charge" (similar to HunterStory combat), and so on! Each hero will also have about 6 active skills so players can choose between many different attack styles depending on the situation, plus over 30 passive skills! There will be plenty of more awesome things, but as you can see, I haven't really started development so quite a lot of things may change! This game has a LOT of potential of being finished though, unlike Idlemon - so don't worry!

And, of course, no Tukkun-idle-game is ever finished without minigames. On the same triangular playfield as seen above, you can do so many other things! Decorating your very own "house" tile by tile, planting and harvesting trees, fishing, playing a variety of other "Arcade"-like minigames, and maybe even a BOARD GAME! The possibilities are endless - I can foresee so much potential!

But, as we all know, I kind of suck when it comes to focusing entirely on one project. It's no secret that I am learning Japanese at university, and to improve my learning efficiency, I often create GAMES for myself to practice! My first published Japanese learning game, Kana Warrior, has received great reception despite being merely a school project made in a rushed 8 weeks. With more time and resources available, along with the ability to actually create what I want without being bound to any limitations, I believe that my next Japanese game will be way more fun and revolutionary than Kana Warrior! What I'm creating is - as you can expect - a Kanji learning game. I will call it Kanji no Tou / 漢字の塔 (meaning "Tower of Kanji"), and not only will it be a Japanese learning game, it will also be a complete IDLE game by itself, with RPG elements, and will be playable even if you have zero Japanese knowledge! A nice learning tool for those who wish to learn, and a nice game for those who don't.

This project will likely consume a lot of my free time, due to the effort involved in adding a word list! I will NOT be using an existing dictionary or word list. I will create my own one, to make sure that whatever you learn in the game, it's something that will end up being useful rather than words that you won't use or hear once in your life! I've been adding words to my "word database"... well, it's not really a "database", but I can't find a more fitting term.

The word adding function looks somewhat like this:

    function addWord (id, kan, rea, mea, note, type, tag) {

         // some code here


    addWord (154, "天気予報", ["てん", "き", "よ", "ほう"], "weather forecast", "", 2, ["com"]);

In total, there will be about 10,000 words! Each "addWord" line like above will add one word to the word database of the game! As you can imagine, adding 10,000 words like that will be a massive pain (in whatever you can imagine), so I decided to create another program to help me generate that code!

Fig. 3 - I don't know what I'm supposed to write here! Perhaps I'll just do away with these "image descriptions" or whatever you call them.

So far, I have entered the data for 800 words.

This is most likely irrelevant for many of you guys who don't study Japanese, but for those who do, one of the things in Kanji no Tou that makes it better than dictionaries, books and other Kanji games is that the reading is provided for each character of the word rather than for the entire word! A lot of dictionaries, books and games will only provide the reading for the entire word 天気予報 as てんきよほう, but not 天 as てん, 気 as き, etc.. Many Japanese teachers will only teach you the Kanji compound 天気予報 after you learn all four Kanji, and that's often too late. In Kanji no Tou, you'll be introduced to the term as soon as the game sees fit, even when you haven't learned all four Kanji yet! For instance, if you know the first 3 characters, the word may still appear, but the reading of 報 will be given away as ほう - this way, you will be able to familiarize yourself more quickly with unlearned Kanji, so when you learn the character 報, you'll go "HEY! This is the same character as in the word 天気予報, I know this!", and you have basically saved yourself a bunch of effort.

The game will also feature (optional) automatic word conjugation for verbs and い-adjectives, so, for instance, the word 行く may occasionally appear as 行って, 行かない, 行きます, and so on. This feature allows you to get used to the conjugation of words quickly, and you can learn Kanji at the same time!

With this program thingy generating code for me to use, I can also easily change the formatting a bit to generate code for other languages, so - for instance, when I ever want to port this game to another language or use the word database for a different project in a different language, I can easily do that without entering the word database again!

Though, even with this, entering words is likely going to take too long... still. So I plan to release a "demo version" some time in the near future! Don't be fooled by the name by the way, the full version will be free, it's just that it's not out... yet! The demo version will allow you to learn about 300 Kanji, enough to do the Kanji section of the JLPT N4 test. When people play it I will be able to make improvements and fix bugs for the full version! Not only that, I might be able to seek some attention, and hopefully receive some donations (honestly, doing this alone and without getting money gets tiring quick)! Once I'm done with the demo version of Kanji no Tou, I'll have more time to be able to work on Heroes of Tria as well. And that's awesome!

What about Anti-Idle, you ask? Well, they still haven't repaired my computer yet, so Anti-Idle will have to wait. In the worst case scenario that they can't repair my computer and my files are gone for good, I still have a backup copy of v1713 that I can use to release a new version that's completely unrelated to what was written in the changelog! In any case, don't worry - there's hope. There's lots of hope! But what's important is that I'm more motivated to work on the two projects above - and that's great, right? I've learned a lot from the mistakes of Anti-Idle to ensure that the same things will not happen to my next games!

New Computer, New Me

Posted on June 23, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Hi everyone!!!!1!

It has been a very, VERY long time since I last blogged!

As most of you may have known already, about a month ago, my computer decided to break for no particular reason, practically causing me to lose a bunch of software, personal files and certain files related to Anti-Idle. Stupid me for not backing up despite telling everyone to back up often, I suppose.

Thing is, this isn't particularly a bad thing! Ever since I bought a new computer, I've realized so many mistakes of my past self, and things seem to be going positively now. It is no secret that I have been quite fed up with Anti-Idle. Okay, now I know you guys really enjoy playing Anti-Idle and all, but Anti-Idle is a representation of my depressing 14-year-old self. The features seem so discrete, the user interface is messy, and the coding didn't even follow conventions (such as proper capitalization of variables and semicolons at the end of lines). Not only that, I've done a poor job on customer service (I think so?) and created a bad impression with some people. In addition to that, the number of players is dropping immensely, and now, the number of active players is like 50% of a year ago. All those things make it a pain to continue working on Anti-Idle. In fact, I have been working on Anti-Idle merely due to the fact that you guys are still playing and supporting me (you should be proud of that). With access to certain Anti-Idle files gone, I now have a lot more time to focus on what I actually want to make. Not only will that allow me to likely get more income, it also makes me feel so relaxing and stress-free, unlike my past self.

ANOTHER good news is that I have successfully opened a bank account and a PayPal account!!!1! I can't believe it took me so long to do this. I think I may have some kind of "phobia" that makes me afraid of the "procedures" or "legal processes" or whatever you call them, and whenever I have to fill out a form it gives me really horrible feelings. But with a PayPal account, I can now finally get money from my work! I know that I used to say I want to make games for FUN only and will never claim my money, but that turned out to be extremely difficult. As I grew up, I learned that I also need to make a living and even earn money for my loved ones, so every little amount of money helps. I also realized that I likely will not be able to "go to work" (as in, go to a company and do stuff) like "ordinary people". There are just so many problems. My health condition, my abnormal behaviors, my inability to drive a vehicle (it seems like no matter how hard I try I'm just unable to ride a bicycle), and my poor working in groups skill (being an introvert sucks, I suppose). So I have (ultimately?) decided that I will continue to make GAMES for a living!!!1! I think this is a decision that will make many of you guys happy because you will be seeing games better than Anti-Idle from me in the future, but unfortunately, it has its downsides. With more and more people using AdBlock each day (hell, I use AdBlock too so I know exactly why you guys use it) and Anti-Idle playerbase dropping day by day, the amount of money that I get just can't be enough to make a living. I'll try to look into more options such as making mobile games (is that the trend?), possibly using watch-ads-to-win scheme, but for now I'll probably rely on donations! I followed some certain players' advice and decided to open a donation service (after all, many people have been requesting for one). Hopefully that will get me some decent amount of money!

All in all, it seems like everything has been so wonderful, and the recent incidents are not quite as terrible as I expected! Since I returned to this website to add the donation links, I also found out that I have been neglecting this website for such a long time! I also had a chance to go back to read my past blog entries, and it seems like my past self was full of stress and sorrow. Everything is so much better now! I have a new girlfriend who is always supporting me (for clarification, this is late 2014 and is only "new" in relation to the last time I blogged), and many of my life problems have been resolved. I decided to get rid of my past blog entries (since most of them are no longer relevant anyway), and from now on, I will try to blog more often to let you guys know what I'm up to!!!1! I've also changed the theme of the website from my past self's favorite green to a new blue-ish theme to reflect my emotional changes (I'm not sure if this color is supposed to represent sadness but to me it's happiness)! I really want to talk about my new projects, and the future of Anti-Idle as well, but I am quite sleepy and it's already 3 AM here on Mars, and since this blog entry is getting a bit too long, I suppose I'll go to bed now! Good night to you all (though I suppose no one is reading this blog at the moment, and this is likely afternoon for you guys anyway), I'll try my best to blog about my projects tomorrow!