I'm Tukkun!


I'm Tukkun, a random person who makes games for fun (both my own fun and other people's fun)! And maybe for serious business too. However, just like all of you, I dislike pay-to-win and definitely do not wish to charge my precious players! So I'll try my best to keep my games FREE! Come check out my FREE games, and if you like them, don't forget to leave some positive feedback and tell your friends!



My Games

I am most well-known for the creation of Anti-Idle: The Game, a unique idle-type game that was created in 2009 and since then has received over 1,000 updates. The game has been played over 10,000,000 times by millions of players all over the world, and has received an average rating of 4.23 / 5 (as of the 100,000th rating) by the Kongregate community!


I am also interested in creating educational games, because I believe that studying should be fun and motivating. In 2015, I have created a Japanese learning game called Kana Warrior, which is well-received by many players and has been played over 100,000 times, and a Kanji learning game is currently in development.


Prior to Kana Warrior and Anti-Idle: The Game, I have also created a variety of smaller games (which are admittedly not very interesting, but I have learned a lot from the creation of such games!).


I strive to create games with comparable quality to Anti-Idle: The Game (and even better!) in the future, with a wider variety of game genres!


Feel free to check out my works in the Games page. If you are interested, also check out my Blog where I talk about development of my own games and various other stuff! If you wish to support me, I would greatly appreciate some donations! Or, if you do not want to donate, simply telling your friends about my games is already really great!